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Just got back home. Heavy rain outside with thunder storm. I hv to wait for half an hour before i could get into my car.

Syukur...Now i have improved in my department.. Presenting cases was getting better and easy... Managing simple intestinal obstruction given me some confidence.

Just now my specialist was asking me didnt i finish my housemanship aredy? I laugh and said, no la boss this is just my first month.

I still missing my previous medical dept... There they gave lots of opportunities. Its true they said u will feel like real doctor in medical dept. U dont need to feel afraid to start ur own treatment. If u wrong u learn from it.

I met a guy that was a specialist graduated from UKM. He made me the posting leader. Once before i performed a pleural aspiration in front of him. Since that time i dont knw why he kept referring me as a surgeon. He put a trust on me that ill become a surgeon one day.

He is good. A good teacher not only teached but inspires.

Im on my way of taking MRCS... It is an expensive papers that is just a qualification. But i feel by having this qualification it will help me on doing surgery in future. Applying masters, hopefully a bit easier. With a year of full of house officer, there will b also a time a lot of medical officer.. I have to grab this opportunity to push myself among others and get into master programme.

Today i finished half of my day seeing BPH patient ( benign prostate hyperplasia ) and i sit with my new MO friend... She helped me a lot.. And im happy with it. Tomorrow is another clinic day also... Will be seeing patient in hospital sungai bakap and hospital bukit mertajam... And the next day will be my oncall day. Hopefullt everything goes well.

I also read an article about successful people dont wait to start anything. They just do. They took the risk and hit it like a boss. Hehe yes i have this feeling of worried, what if surgery is not fit for me.. Or me not fit with surgery... Whatever it is i will just go through it.

I need to also complete a research about colon ca... Bit tiring... Last time in HUKM if we helped a lecturer conducting studies.. We will b paid..m but now... We dont have that big grant to do the research... We need to do it just it is our passion to see wether our treatment is improving or not... But whatever it is i like the concept of it.. From data we interpret it and improving our management from it.

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