First step

A first step in everything is important. From there we start to walk, and then we run. As human, babies first step is very important to determine wether theres any delays of their development. First step will be a platform to see any progression of the childs development later.

Im interested in doing surgical. To tell the truth i dont have that courage and self belief of my own goal. It is very dangerous. However during my daily works i will try to find every reasons so that i believe myself that i will b a surgeon.

The feeling of being determined when ur supervisor ask u wether u want to b a surgeon or not is enough for me to gain my confidence.

Today i got the oppprtunity to perform my own appendics under supervision. It is a first step for me in this journey. I hope i will be more faster for the next one. Whatever it is, this is my first step.

And i will start walking and running and finish up this journey well.


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