Clash of the two

I just confuse. a bit. the meaning of being yourself. i asked once to one of my ustaz during classes 5 years ago. ustaz, what if i didnt do whatever i did (good deeds) at school when i get home? am i being a hypocryte? did god allowed me to be like that? i just didnt feel the islamic environment if i went home. so i am blaming the environment instead of me myself being good. the ustaz answered that it is okay behaving like that because i am still in the process of training, learning on being a good person. yet he said that environment is important to create a consistent practice of islam. biah solehah.
sometimes when you want to be good the first step is trying to be good. try is the keyword there. and the interpretation of trying in order to get better is in other words is to pretend being a better person. does pretending being someone is not good? why cant we just be our self?

pretending is a thing that not all of us like. sort of hypocrite. i think pretending should be included into stages on becoming good. why? im not sure. before being a good person they will go certain stages (based on my observation). and these stages are differ from the background of education they get.
i asked a friend of mine from uia. they learn about dakwah and even take a paper on it. im sure they learn the methods of dakwah. before applying those methods dont you think that it is important to know the state of a person that were going to call for dakwah?

not all are like us. some of us have a very good basics of islam. some of us just learn during primary or secondary school. some of us just listen what is taught by our parents. some of us know islam from friends, usrah, books, google etc. and this is different from their educational background. people that learn from their parents (grandparents) so called informal education plus a formal education (learning in religious institution) since childhood about islam may have different understanding of islam. so difference level of background may also contribute on the understanding of the religion. this differences may need different kind of approach definitely.

but i also observed that not all that have proper islamic education turns out to be a good person. mereka lebih arif tentang agama namun kadang2 tidak bersuara. lebih teruk pon ada.

tetapi ada juga yang tidak mendapat pendedahan agama seawal mungkin ini lebih baik orang nya. yang belajar dan mula bergetar tubuh nya dengan islam di sekolah menengah, universiti. mereka ini aku lihat lebih agresif. tidak begitu arif namun praktis nya cukup baik.

and because of that i believe on hidayah from Him.
Bila menyebut perkataan lebih baik (a good person) what actually the meaning of being good? i shall say that there are two views on being good. first, being good in the perspective of us as human and another one is on the perspective of God. and of cos lah perspective tuhan tu yang that we have to look for. and that is also depends on the person educational background too.

being good is also cultured inside of us since we were young. basically those who have a great akhlak may be a good person. and here where the 'inner parts' come.

whatever it is and what level of education we are in right now is not the matter anymore as we can learn it slowly and starts to practicing the way that promoted by our Rasul and the Quran. For those who just started, just be consistent and keep on learning. and those who are called dai'e have to understand the field of dakwah before proceed and called the good deeds by understanding our targets background of education and practices.

bebelan merepek. nite.. NICU will ended soon and will be going to HKL starting next week.
i miss my school days..

p/s: ib dah jadi doctor. doctor gigi yg budak2 takut nak pegi tu haha. congratulations and good luck bro in life. n i have to work hard.. like really hard. damn korang sume da grad.

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farah najwa said...

well, itulah manusia. everybody ada pendapat msg2. apa yg ptg kte tau spe dri kte..

the unknown said...

if u dont feel like doing good, but u still do it, then i'd call that a bigger sacrifice. it aint hypocrisy.

hypocrisy is when u do good with a 'bad hidden agenda'.

the word has been used too loosely these days. like, any good action that's not at sync with the heart is considered bad.

i once remember a talk at the surau regarding the sahabat of rasulullah saw. according to the speaker, NOT all of the sahabat are innately good. some of em had difficulties doing good and so the following surah came ...

39:53 (Malay) "Katakanlah: ""Hai hamba-hamba-Ku yang melampaui batas terhadap diri mereka sendiri, janganlah kamu berputus asa dari rahmat Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah mengampuni dosa-dosa semuanya. Sesungguhnya Dialah Yang Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang."

39:54 (Malay) Dan kembalilah kamu kepada Tuhanmu, dan berserah dirilah kepada-Nya sebelum datang azab kepadamu kemudian kamu tidak dapat ditolong (lagi).

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

farah - yups.. toleransi perlu kan :)

the unknown - thank you yerp

hijabwali said...

the most importance we r trying to be good n always , don give up.coz once u try ,insyaAllah Allah will give u His blessing n srengthness.once u do good n change for good, ignore other people , what people said, coz the most important is HIM.Ikhlaskan hatimu kerana orang yang sentiasa muhasabah dan bertaubat adalah golongan yang beruntung kerana kita manusia yang tidak lepas dari melakukan kesilapan.thats why reminder n reminder is very important(~~). insyaAllah once we try , we will win..juz dun give up coz in "good way" there will be a lot challenges in front..

p/s and u r not hypocrite after all.those people who r afraid to change is actually the one who hypocrite..


Shamil Alfilfilani said...

hijabwali - thanks :)

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