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Huh it has been long since the last post i made.. i like to tell stories.. some of them about myself, some of them about other people, some of them about what i understand..

while waiting for Jumaat prayer, i just want to update to you guys bout what happened recently.. Alhamdulillah today is my last day posting in orthopeadics.. log book completed.. case write up also completed although last minute work out.. as usual (sigh)

orthopaedics is a very enjoyable posting.. i really love orthopaedics until i felt that i wanted to be an orthopaedic surgeon instead of cardiothoracic surgeon.. so after these 8 weeks of posting i shall say orthopaedic is a busy posting but you wouldn't get stress on the busy schedule..

above from that, my last program that i handled is also in this last week of orthopaedic posting.. i already found my weakness.. i can't handled two separate big problem at one time.. during 2 weeks before my program.. i already had shut down all my academic studies.. gile kan? like having holidays for 2 weeks.. i just attend my study group and get info through seminars and orthopaedic clinics.. n haven't open my book at all.. i even ignore what my lecturers said if i didnt attend rounds as i believe they will recognize me as i were there during their clinics.. case write up should be submitted on friday of my event week.. memang tak lah kan.. haha

mati kalau mak aku baca ni..

after a few reflections.. ive come into solutions of the problem. ive got to have a planner! as simple as that... what to do first and what to do second.. but my ego said.. no i dont need to plan.. just happy go lucky with my stuff and everything will be okay hahaha and i dont see this as my problem but more of obstacles.. i have to make my self good on handling few other things at once with success.. because you just don't handle only one problem at once in real life..

okay about my program.. i gave it B - for the achievement.. money was okay,
sponsor was ok, participants was okay, program was bit problem in the beginning but can cope up with it, organising committee was so so.. so overall B- haha and i always pray that my sacrifice on doing this event, hopefully will increase awareness of the people on prostate disease..

(from left with me : org biase, prof zul : uro surgeon , dato' tnc Mohd Razak : orthopeadic surgeon, Dato' lokman saim : pakar ENT)

Though i know my family will never support what i did or any event that i involve in.. i just believe one day with all of these things that i have done, will be beneficial for me..

ok lah thats it for now.. nanti bersambung bebelan..

take care everyone

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laila said...

same goes here
fmly aku pun sgt xsuka aku sebok ngn event2 ni
mmgla efek study sket tp enjoy n byk dpt experience

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

kan? xpaham ak.. hehe

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