The end of 2009

1. Alhamdulillah we are already in 2010 with a new spirit and new goal. Currently im in medical posting. Busy with teaching and all i can say that i also fell in love with this posting. a lot patient to be clerk, new symptoms to be discovered, new physical examination can be practice. as usual a lot to be read.

2. it is now the time where i have to get over with all my co curricular works. close the book that ive started to jot all the journey about the life beside of being a medical student since 2008/2009 session. n now i am nobody.

3. starting with PMUKM. i really had a very memorable experience with them. i admit that i didnt give enough cooperation in PMUKM much. as busy coping with studies. but during my involvement, meeting with them, i really feel that the friendship bond is easily created.

4. as im making invlvment with them, there are really dedicated on performing their duties. as PMUKM and also as MPP. they understand my condition. the opposition keep claiming that us being the voice ONLY for universities and 'balaci' of the universities is clearly not true. they speak on behalf of the students. i can observe them doing their job perfectly and some of them even sacrifice their year of studies just to help to improve their faculty and student. and as i expected, most of them also are religious people.

5. that is what i also wanted to do. long ago. but i failed. as i am not the one that blaming others for my failures. i want to put that as my limitation of me myself being a medical student. where i think my degree in medical faculty of UKM is more important.

6. i would like to give my appreciation to my colleagues in PMUKM Aspirasi as you guys are understanding, though we were not always being together, but i can feel our power on voicing the students problem. bring all the problems to the Vice Chancellor on behalf of me as im busy in the hospital is really appreciated. i love you guys. thank you.

7. i am really sure that people will ask. what did shamil do to our faculty? we didnt even see him coming to KTSN. hehe. as usual these issues will be brought out by my juniors as apparently an opposition.

8. i dont have my own committee. that is my problem at first but Alhamdulillah i also been elected for Vice President of AMSA. and i can say all the ideas and things i wanted to do as PMUKM i had poured it inside the club. because we have such a good committee members.

9. As the opposition trying to make their programmes with the help of our medical faculty student council, i try to put my ideas trough other organisation. and Alhamdulillah. positive.

10. Through the club i proposed that we should have the intervarsity programmes. we should have more programes involving other university as to get our exposure to outside increase. to make people know UKM. know about UKM medical faculty students are all capable of everything not only in studies. And inter-varsity games is successfully held. i am very proud of them the organisers. East Asian Medical Conference also will be held in HUKM and being handled by us UKM student. it is not easy to compete with other countries to be the one that organise EAMSC. Alhamdulillah UKM medical student from Malaysia managed to get chance to handle this event. Thanks to my senior for fighting for us.

11. This year AMSA also managed to have exchange programmes with medical student from oversea. this is also not so easy programe to be organised as it involve different curriculum for different universities. we have to contact them only and make arrangement trough email. i can say that all of these are for the students. but i bet they didn't see all this.

11. as im not really help much in the students welfare but i certainly do understand that PERSIAP has try to improve and help the students through their programmes a lot. it is just the students cooperation needed. which i can see that they only know how to condemn but not to support. sometimes i did feel sad for their President as some programes organised by them not really get much involvement from student. on behalf of welfare i just can bring the unsolve problem such as from JAKSA to the higher authorities as i dont want to interfere with their works as both of the societies have different objectives and mission but also covering the welfare of the students.

12. as usual, people didnt judge you from the ideas. they want we ourself be the director of the program and so that we can claim it is our program. it is not so true though. it is just a perspective of most of the students. in a broader view it is like Dr. M implementation of development to Malaysia. it is his idea that we talk of.

12. the only thing that i cant help is for the nursing student. therefore i would like to apologies for not helping you guys much. i try to make involvment of the nursing students in each of my programes as much as i can. but as PERSIAP and AMSA only covering the medical students i cant do much. PPK is another society that face a lot of problem in making programmes and all. but i also proud of them that they also held the first International Nursing Conference here in HUKM. i heard that it was successful. i am sorry as i was too busy to help. but i did ask them to come to my 4KL programmes last time. at least i try to make them involve with the others.

13. and today is the last meeting with AMSA board. we were discussing on how to elect our new committee member and spread out the form. i really enjoy being in AMSA. i am not sure that i still can be in AMSA or not after this as i have been proposed by other authorities to be part of them. What ever it is i want AMSA to continue all the programmes that were held during 2008/2009 session as annual programmes.

14. with this i also want to make an apologise to all that i cant satisfied of. sorry for everything. thanks for all your cooperation.

gula-gula dari youtube :)

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