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A university is made up of its students and its lecturers.

As a lecturer I am very proud of my students. When a student excel I rejoiced but when a student fail I weep and cry. However, I will be extremely inspired to see how my student handled both situation. The victorious student will still be humble like the paddy stalk and the failed student will learn to rise from the ashes like the proud phoenix. In this tough university both for students and lecturers alike, one needed each other.

In UKM the tests are meant to bring the best out of each student. The number of failures do not mean many but the quality of the failures outshine many. Let us not feel that this is a comparison with others but a standalone in its own right.

We must be proud and stand tall even when many are blowing terrible telltales around us. Blowing false news and demoralizing efforts across our minds. Senior people and junior people alike and some of us are actually believing and putting forth words that pierce the most sincere of teachers.

Remember my beloved students, how strong you handle the most darkest and gravest hour through the worst fire and storm will strengthened your hearts and loyalty to your university. Your mind must be strong and never turn nor falter. Never succumb to whispers of weakness and loss by your unseen or obvious enemies. Please unite and never, ever lose failth.

UKM will prevail, the university of the rakyat will prevail, U its student will prevail. Let others beware. We are coming and reaching for the heavens. Insya Allah.

Prof Mohd Shahrir Mohamed Said: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Faculty: An Ode to its students.

i will do my best insyAllah
maaf tak sempat nak menaip panjang2, beberapa post da sekerat je tulis.. not in the mood..

take care everyone

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Mohammad Hidir Baharudin said...

Hanh memang diciptakan Allah untuk jadi doktor..
Aku tabit hang..

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