Backpacking (travel)

This article is about low-cost travel with minimal luggage and frugal accommodations. For other uses, see Backpacking.

Backpacking is a term that has historically been used to denote a form of low-cost, independent international travel. Terms such as independent travel and/or budget travel are often used interchangeably with backpacking. The factors that traditionally differentiate backpacking from other forms of tourism include but are not limited to the following: use of public transport as a means of travel, preference of youth hostels to traditional hotels, length of the trip vs. conventional vacations, use of a backpack, an interest in meeting the locals as well as seeing the sights.

The definition of a backpacker has evolved as travelers from different cultures and regions participate and will continue to do so, preventing an air-tight definition. Recent research has found that, “...backpackers constituted a heterogeneous group with respect to the diversity of rationales and meanings attached to their travel experiences. ...They also displayed a common commitment to a non-institutionalised form of travel, which was central to their self-identification as backpackers” [1] Backpacking as a lifestyle and as a business has grown considerably in the 2000s[2] as the commonplace of low-cost airlines,[3] hostels or budget accommodation in many parts of the world, and digital communication and resources make planning, executing, and continuing a long-term backpacking trip easier than ever before.

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Ib said...

av fun!

(shyte!!!nape ko cuti awallll aku nak ikoooooot!!!! )


brian said...

I backpacked around the world and am still going. Hostels are the main way to save money on the road. Hope you get out there soon!

Lalang said...

best gila!!! p liverpool kem slm kt abg aku! haha.. slamat p, slamat blk...

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