Bad cycle


its just a short post updating what im doing rite now..
it has been a hard time for me in london.. excluding all the traveling, eating n accomdation huh i just faild 3 papers from my 2nd semester exam.. CNS GIT and endocrine ( the paper that im the only one fail of .. shyte)

huh~ it is a tough time fr me i guess.. ill update the traveling part later..

anyway Syukur i didnt fail all of the papers.. Alhamdulillah.. ill b back on 17th april and there will b about 3 weeks before the reseat paper.. hope there is enough time fr me to cover it all..

btw.. some people just dont have any senses on others.. i think that hv made the diff between good n evil.. someone with a very weak religous basis will do whatever they think they want to do n not what God askd them to do..

may all of us in the way where we will do what God asks us to do..

always b kind n help others.. world will b better place fr us (ayat doctor la konon haha) :)


happy anniversary

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miss AIN said...

aku pon fail cns!
may b we shud work harder on it..

~all d best=)

marmasri said...

salam sahabatku...
always b grateful thank Allah for every fate that has been determined to us..He has His own reason for everything that has happened to u.
mar doakan shamil tabah n bersemangat selalu!

Mat Iyas said...

hmm...enjoy ur hols 4 now...
kang dh blk br la pk psl reseat tu...

dunt get upset too much!
lek ar...aku dulu 3 gak kowt :P (xmalu ngaku)...haha..CNS,Metabolism&Endocrine(lagi besau) & Urinary...huu~

balik nnt study well..insyaAllah lepas :)

k bro, beli aku jersey arsenal satu (blanje ar)...wakaka...

Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

oh happy anniversary utk aku jugak
12april genap setahun accident haha

all the best
satu kegagalan membawa kepada seribu kejayaan~~

LiQiJun said...

bro, do ur best k...
we lab 8 members all very hebat kan..haha
wat determine one's success is not of the result but the efforts...all the best! said...

owh ur in london ke. best nye

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

insyAllah tanks all.. why i cudnt view ur blog? grr..kerek said...

haha. because.. dah private kan. duh~ :P

si nisha said...

try harder shamil.
u always can do better!

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