The Oath of a Muslim Physician

Praise be to Allah (God), the Teacher, the Unique, Majesty of the heavens, the Exalted, the Glorious, Glory be to Him, the Eternal Being Who created the Universe and all the creatures within, and the only Being Who contained the infinity and the eternity. We serve no other god besides Thee and regard idolatry as an abominable injustice.

Give us the strength to be truthful, honest, modest, merciful and objective.
Give us the fortitude to admit our mistakes, to amend our ways and to forgive the wrongs of others.
Give us the wisdom to comfort and counsel all towards peace and harmony.
Give us the understanding that ours is a profession sacred that deals with your most precious gifts of life and intellect.
Therefore, make us worthy of this favoured station with honor, dignity and piety so that we may devote our lives in serving mankind, poor or rich, literate or illiterate, Muslim or non-Muslim, black or white with patience and tolerance with virtue and reverence, with knowledge and vigilance, with Thy love in our hearts and compassion for Thy servants, Thy most precious creation.
Hereby we take this oath in Thy name, the Creator of all the Heavens and the earth and follow Thy counsel as Thou has revealed to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
"Whoever killeth a human being, not in liew of another human being nor because of mischief on earth, it is as if he hath killed all mankind. And if he saveth a human life, he hath saved the life of all mankind." (Qur'an V/35)

This stained glass window of Al-Razi is found
in Cambridge University's Medical School (in London, England).

" Ya Allah kau permudahkanlah hamba Mu ini menuntut ilmu Mu, ilmu yang tidak lut ditinta kan, kau hindarikanlah hamba Mu ini dari terjerumus kelembah maksiat, kuatkan lah iman hamba Mu ini, terangkan lah hati, kuatkanlah ingatan serta peliharalah hamba Mu ini dari melakukan dosa-dosa, jadikan lah hamba Mu ini salah seorang yang kau pilih untuk meneruskan perjuangan yang belum selesai ini, ampunilah dosa-dosa aku, tetapkanlah hati ku di jalan ini, permudahkan lah semua urusan-urusan ku, urusan sahabat-sahabat perjuangan ku dan jadikan lah hamba Mu ini seorang doktor yang dapat membawa kembali sinar kegemilangan Islam "

Ameen Rabbalalameen..

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Nvr been here b4. May Allah bless u. Stand fast and post more spiritual posts like this,which ummah really needs now. :) Regards.

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