wang wang wah

today is the last module assessment for my second semester, it was held at dewan serbaguna ktsn and started at 10am, it was musculoskeletal module and i think i just did my best. i did make some careless mistakes but overall i satisfied with the paper. on the way i got out from the exam hall i met my fav lecturer, dr. srijit, he asked me about the paper, i just smiled and say 'it was okay' which actually i felt like the term 'okay' is just valid for me but not for the lecturers as they always expect people that okay in answering exam will absolutely get A for the paper.. hmmmm and my okay is not that high of expectation hehe

so in the evening i decided to get rest and put all the things out of my mind, and suddenly ib asked me to go out somewhere just to have a drink. on the current mood i agreed to go out with him and we went to berjaya times square for a movie. we watched 'awake' and what i can say about the movie is that jessica alba is really hot in the movie. actually the movie is about a 'gile rich' guy having a heart problem and needs a heart transplant and suddenly during the transplant he get awakes but paralysed in what is a medical phenomenon called "anaesthetic awareness". and during that period of times, he actually realised that there is a conspiration to kill him and all the one behind all of this conspiration is his beloved wife, jessica alba.

after the movies, we get trapped inside the traffic jam, it was so congested and we decided to go to the pavillion and go back after maghrib prayer... after maghrib we went to have dinner at nandos,i cant remember what floor is it, hmmm i ordered a quarter of peri chicken + rice + chips .. it was really nice and quite hot. what i realised is that ib had 2 or 3 times top up his ice lemon tea drink. haha. and the shop is quite nice too. with a theme of wood and red which represent the hotness of their 'peri chicken' it does create a kind of emotion when we stay inside the shop.

it was still early when i get back to my room, so i decided to continue my study for metabolism of disease. huh~ a lot to read as usual.. but i enjoyed the day i had today and sort of decreases the pressure i have right now =)


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Ib said...

I FOUND U!!! hahaha

haa siout dah start active tak betau.hahah gud gud.

gud day kan aritu?we shud do more ahak.

ure in ur exam week n im in my study week.gudluck to us.(iyas last paper today-jeles jeles =P)

Mat Iyas said...

erm..abisla kitorang sumer LINK blog ko!haha~

wah3,mane dapat pic yang ko wat layout tu?lawa nampak :P

aisyah. said...

u know wat, dah berzaman2 i baca blog shamil. didnt know lak that u boys xtau his blog. darn (i think that i mmg stalker.)

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

aduhhh da bezaman?? haish.. (malu2) haha

Ib said...

dah tau lama mase 1st sem agi..but cam dier xupdate..until recenty.uuu

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