Piesces - SUM41

Sumtin happend to my greenish ipod.. damn all the songs are gone.. i tried to add new songs from the Venus Doom - HIM album last nite then suddenly the iTunes like hanged about 4 minutes. i disconnectd the ipod from the cable and then i found that none of my 800+ songs were there!! haaaaaaaaaaa dis was like soo making me to throw out my laptop from this 3 storey building... i tried to google some info on the net and i found a page that give instuction on how to retrieve back all the songs but before i can do the tricks the first thing i shouldnt do is to sync my ipod which i had accidently done.. huh what a mass.. it was 4am and iwas fuckin tired and sleepy, i became hopeless and i decided to reset the ipod. It needs to be updated with the latest software from itunes and it takes several hour for it to be downloaded.. lastly, there is only Venus Doom that can be heard from my 'greeny' ... and nothing is there anymore.. hell sad..

And this favourite song also gone into the thin air ; haishh

SUM41- Piesces
I tried to be perfect,
But nothing was worth it,
I don’t believe it makes me real.
I thought it’d be easy,
But no one believes me,
I meant all the things I said.

If you believe it’s in my soul,
I’d say all the words that I know,
Just to see if it would show,
That I'm trying to let you know,
That I’m better off on my own.

This place is so empty,
My thoughts are so tempting,
I don’t know how it got so bad.
Sometimes it’s so crazy,
That nothing can save me,
But it’s the only thing that I have.


(On my own!)

I tried to be perfect,
It just wasn't worth it,
Nothing could ever be so wrong.
It’s hard to believe me,
It never gets easy,
I guess I knew that all along.

Actually i got few things to scratch on but OSPE is on tuesday.. and after that ill have i month holiday.. fuh~ and i had plan things.. hope everything will go smoothly.. pray fr my best..

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Ib said...

ok moral of the story.DONT SYNC UR IPOD. ok igt igt huu

aisyah. said...

happened to me like once. stress gila!!!!!

so, sila la jaga lagu2 ipod anda (;

Mat Iyas said...

hmm~ best ke beb dah abis exam?huhu~amacam sumer? mesti ok nyer...heh

woi, letak ar chatbox!senang skit nak drop ko!hahhaha

Ib said...

wah jeles giler ako.xpe skit jer agi!
ala iyas..ako ader jer chatbox..cam xnampak jer ko kat situ..

aisyah. said...


bule download new single coldplay kat situ. seems as if ud like it

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