Alhamdulillah.. everything is over now.. i still remember.. an english teacher at maktab mahmud once asked me, what do u think about exam? (which was a post-pmr exam) i told him that i was like happy and just wondering myself that we learned everything in about one year but the exam which determine our future goal only last fr just a few hours and fr me naively think that it is not fair.. with a beautiful smile he replied 'that is the chronicle of life..how far u go u have to be tested how far u learn u have to be tested if not in exam, it may occur in ur life, the only way u want to measure urself is to go fr a test'..

humm.. me, palem, mot and amer, we had a our lunch at nasi kandar kepala ikan near klcc just after ospe.. there we talk a lot about the mistakes we made, the silly answer fr an easy question in ospe and talk about our past exam. actually im quite regret on my performance of this semester exam i know i can do it better but... huh~i dont know why.. mayb my effort is not enough and i need to be more hardworking after this..and what i can do now is tawakkal... after what i had study and workd on i think i deserve to tawakkal to Him

here in ukm i had meet people which i never met before.. they have a very high spirit on study.. wake up open books .. sleep only two hours.. n get back to study table when wake up again.. some of them are gifted.. they only read about 2 hours and yet manage to remmber the whole notes.. huh~ but me just a normal person which need to be more hardworking and constantly studying to get good marks.. sometimes pressure is there.. when u r doing discusion with them u are like knowing nothing they talk about.seriously its hurt.. hargh..

a day before my exam, i went back to my granma's house,which she always love people to call her 'wan'. there is a mosque near her house where i always go to pray. it is quite big but compairing to other mosque there is not much beutiful arabic calligraph written on the wall of the mosque..but yet.. quite a lot of people go n praying there compare to the 'huge and beutiful mosque' builded million dollars but there is only imam and one ma`mum as their guest. hmm one of a sign that qiamat is already near.. talking about beutiful mosque.. it is makruh to have a too beutiful decoration in front of the mosque which it may distract people from their prayer, i din remmber what kitab is it stated on but its one of the question that was asked to Ustaz Aminudin and he told us during our feqh class. one thing that people always put in front of the mosque is the electronic wording that shows the prayer time and all the 'kata2 hikmah stuff' its also sometime might distract people frm prayer. sugestion is to shut it down during prayer time.

so after the maghrb prayer an ustaz with white jubah holding a kitab walking slowly and sit on a chair where a table and a glass of water have been prepared for him. he talkd about 'takwa' a huge topic fr me but as he elaborate more and mayb because of only the 2nd generation people were present he touched only a certain view on taqwa. he read a verse of quran and elaborate on it.. people that have taqwa will be awarded by Allah with knowldge..he told that there are young people that manage to get so many knowldge..manage to finish reading many kitabs and can elaborate them very well while they are in early age.. huh~ idont knw how to relate it but it is clearly seen that Allah will help us in gathering knwldge when taqwa is with us.. deep inside i knw its hard to b the one that is called 'muttaqin' hope Allah would give me chance

hmmm i think thats all fr this post..

just downloaded violet hill - coldplay.. in love with their piano part

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aisyah. said...

u know, i know exactly what u mean. the taqwa bit. I'm like nothing compared to everyone, but cm i have to try, lg2 im like this HUGE drama queen.. nak start berserah ni, would mean i need to stop being this HUGE DRAMA QUEEN. it's hard, but its sumthing we all need to do.

u av one up, u dah blaja kat skola agama. so atleast u know more than i actually do.

piano bit in violet hill? ok, ill need to check on it. baik kan coldplay. slack je i kat msia masa free uk concert dia, if x,mmg NAK G! aha.. (yoyo je)

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

rite we have to try our best..

tp mcm nothing to do with school kot.. fr me hidayah that given by Allah is the most imprtant thing..sini pon i ada jmp people that havent atend to any religious school but manage to be more religious from the one yg penah skola agame and byk tau lagi dari dorang.. mcm byk kot such of this incident.. hehe

hmmm mcm pelik lak kan?? silap2 haha actually piano yg diremix ngan guitar dorang tu yg best.. unique

aisyah. said...

Tu la, i dgr2 gak last nite.. no wonder xjumpa2 the piano bit. (;

Ib said...

woo.enuf said

wait,letme do it agn. woo

Mat Iyas said...

erm...ustaz shamil is back!huhu~

nice post!

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

tumbuk kang iyas..

sparkling said...

ape tumbuk iyas saya ni?haha
poyo je ~and hmm,yeah.nice post!

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