Thats in 5th posting currently and im working in the surgical department.. Having new work mate... And syukur most of us are from least i hv a friend i cn share my problem with...

Last night i had a dinner at eastern oreantal penang grand ballroom.. It was in the heritage wing which built during colonial years... It was frekingly beutifull.. Unforgettable moment.. And it was iyas wedding ceremony... Was given opportunity to recite a doa during the reception... I was really proud of him... Being my buddies... My good understanding friends... I believe he will do well in the next journey that he will have..the journey of marriage...

I took 2 days off and today is the last day.. When all people went back to the place they came from...  I am still here in the house thinking about tmrw...

Yups tmrw is a future that im still figure it how.. What i should i do... Im interested in surgical based medical carier.. i want to cut people...and i want to proceed.. But where? Ent? Cardio? I want a life that i can enjoy my working time and also at the same time i can concentrate on having a family...having good times with friends...

At times i do have that feeling of why did i chose this carrier... This question was asked since i started my medical school... Is it to help people? Is it because of popularity of a doctor? Is it because of money?... I do sure one thing that i hold on to all these years... Its because im interested in knowing the gods magnificent creation of all kind

yupss the human...

Treating and understanding human is like knowing how complicated and untouchable by brain and how great the creation of God... And yes by treating them correctly i satisfied.. That feeling of satisfaction that made me crave the knowledge of medicine... Allah Akhbar

I need to settle down... Now i just have to complete my housemanship first.. Theres new news on house officer schedule and need to work for 75 hours in a week... Sigh tiring... But we are all human.. Human can adapt.. Hopefully this another test will not pulling me down to failure...i will rise and shine as before cey... Hehe

Ya allah permudahkan lah aku...ameen

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Teena Tna said...

May He ease your journey.
I was wondering the life of a doctor when i saw too many patients waiting for their turn for an appointment with doctor.

How you all manage to check all of the patient. And I understand why they used to write with 'good' handwriting in prescriptions.

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