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Hi.. Short post hehe a lot to tell actually but i need a good timeto make a new post.
These r actually my collection of watches.. Some are given by frens some from my parents and some i got it from the market.

From the top is Fossil which is given from one of my precious fren.. But the relationshp didnt last long however the watch did remind me of how kind and supportive she was when we were fren. Thank you. It has a japan movement and leather strip.
The second one is a Guest Collection watch. It is a gift during my 21st birthday from ibu. With chrono and swiss movement. it also has a bracelet strip.

The third one is quite special to me as it is a very old watch. I just bought it from a guy selling antique things. Peboda in russion means victory. It also a russion movement which happens around 1950s. Peboda usually worn by russion army. Hopefully didnt get nitemare of has a manual engine which have to wind it to keep it moving.just like old days.

The fourth one is a Patek Phillipe replica. It has an automatic movement from japan. I got it from for less then Rm100. and it still functioning well. Hopefully to an original one before i get to be specialist :)
The second last is a BUM watch given from a special fren. It has arabic dial, day and date. It uses battery to operate. I havent chge d battery yet. Its also has a chinese day. Hopefully i can get to speak n write in chinese in future haha
The last one is a swatch irony. Its actually to replace my fav swatch that was missing. However lately it doesnt seems to keep on time. I dont know why. Maybe the battery need to be replced.

Im looking forward for more watches fr my collection. Any watch will do. As a gift will b better hahahaha.
Err my next watch will be tissot touch. Fall in love with it since form 5. But dont have enough money to buy. Doa cepat2 la bley dpt kan tissot touch ameeen. Cepat la houseman haha

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lalat mErAh said...

saya tak pakai jam.hahha. sebuk.

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

beli la satu nanti hehe

ZEBY said...

I'm sort of a watch collector myself. I would not suggest you Tissot T-Touch coz It has alot of drawbacks. Among others are:

1)30m water resistance... noo noo I think its maybe less than that. You can hardly go swimming

2)No backlight --which makes no sense since its supposed to be an adventure watch

3)Not durable.. cepat rosak dowh

However T-Touch expert has improved those flaws. I'm now using T-Touch Expert and it has not failed me.

Note: If you were to own one tissot, make sure not to change the batteries at a normal cheap apek shop. Choose a reputable retail listed by tissot in their website. Why? coz watches like tissot needs special sealant after changing the batteries.

My experience, my baby(t-touch expert of course)was sent to Belgium to replace the sealant and the battery.It took 1 month at least.

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