owh i went back to penang for 3 days last week during the deepavali public holidays, some of my mates get holidays started from wednesday until monday thefollowing week. but im in ophtal posting where we have very limited time to go to clinics and have teaching session so i still have to follow the clinics to fill up my log book untill thursday... and i dont have holidays on monday. no prob for that.so on thursday evening i went back to penang.. wah it was quite a long journey. ayah cudnt fetch me at the airport... so i have to take bus to go to the jetty, thanks to Rapid penang, from there i took a ferry to get to the butterworth (the mainland) so ayah waited me there and we went home together.

i didnt actually enjoy my holidays so much because i have to finish up my case write up, an assignment given by my doctor aka lecturer.. i really do not have chemistry on these case write up as i dont really like preparing it haha so most of the time ill be in front of laptop figuring out my case.. not so much on televisyen
or chating with ayah or ibu, hopefully they understand..
on saturday morning, ibu gave me some coupons for the canteen
day of my primary school. Sekolah Kebangsaan Permatang Bertam. i went there with shahnaz my youngest sister. it has been what? 10 years since i left the school.. i missed my primary school days as bad as i missed Maktab Mahmud. SKPB was just a kampung school, but i can say that most of us from that school get really good education.I still remember going to school with my blue shirt and black shoes and ties ( as i was a prefect back then) waiting for Pakcik van, Makcik Ina to go to school.. then waiting at the back of my school fences to stop those student that were late to school.. i cant imagine how did i look like that time haha mesti comel gile haha

my parent never let me riding bicycle to go to school. so they were
asking people to send and take me back home. at times i were really get irritated because all of my friend can go to school with bicycle while i cant. its not fair. hehe but actually i should be really thankful to my parents for treating me well. anak kesayangan? tak kot.. tak tak..

so i went to the canteen day.. surprisingly.. most of the teachers
still remembering me! i almost drop my tears away (yeay wateve) i say hi and chat a bit with them because they were busy with the students on selling things during the event.. i met cikgu rohani, ust. saadiah, cikgu shuhairi (really happy to see me) cikgu zarina, teacher zaini, pak cik saidon ( orang jaga koperasi pon kenal ) .. just bring back my old memories on them.. how naughty i was at school those days..

i walked around the school compound, a lot of changes has been made, i went back to my old classroom.. where i still remember, i have to stand up on the chair because i havent finish my english assignment.. love mrs Tan so much :(
At the new built open hall.. dulu it was just a tarred area where we will have our perhimpunan, and every weeks i will be rotating to do the announcement and asked student to make lines according their classes and sing lagu negaraku, lagu pulau pinang and lagu sekolah as i was one of the pengawas that time i was holding penolong ketua murid post huhu

On the way to rumah hantu.. why i havent have this during my time? i dont know.. bringing shahnaz to rumah hantu.. hehe really nice..btw that is my class during standard 6..trust me i have been on that bumbung jalan2 on the roof climbing down from that fences.. have to walk on the nail on that roof because it is the only place that attach to metal.. if not.. kedebamm la jawabnyaa and sometimes i throw peoples pencils on the roof and take it back again.. gile buas.. tapi happy kot that time haha skarang cam kotor ada botol2 takde org buangkan..
this is at he back of the school where we learn about kemahiran hidup.. i still remember ive been punished to wear like a ninja turtle (with an apron) and cabut rumput at the square area there by Cikgu Aziz.. siot betol haha because i was chatting with my friend i think.. haha

An exhibition by the dentist.. not so many student were there, but it was a nice exhibition, should be doing some games to attract more student to go there..
so on sunday i went back by firefly from penang airport to subang airport for an hour journey, this is my first time going back by firefly.. it is a small plane with only one entrance and exit door into the airplane.. quite nice, get served with cookies and drinks too.. but a bit expensive then airasia, the ticket can be as low as airasia if early booking is made..

some of the helis and small airplane that i wish to have in futures.. insyAllah.. hopefully will come true..

okay have to prepare for tomorrow clinics.. take care everyone.. have a good day :)


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