Agak agak ar weh

Tetibe dapat msg dari sorang mamat nih..

Kalau tak geng2 gay ni sape lagi kan..

Okay I am a muslim and forbidden of having this kind of relationship..

dear readers might have different opinion or points that saying this as a healthy lifestyle, or their rights to choose or whatever.. i personally rejected this kind of relationship.. as it is Haram (forbidden) in my religion Islam..

i dont know whether other religion do support this kind of activities or not.. but i dont think any religion will do as this kind of activities really cause a lot of problems in our human societies..

people might think that if i didnt approved him as friend, i am a person that have bias on certain people, not open minded, discriminate people, that guy just want to be friends and whats the matter being a gay friend? he just said you are cute, doesnt mean he want to have sex with you.. its not having a relationship or what not right?

hmmm yeah but its me thinking that if me being their friend, then its sort of like giving them green light to do these kind of activities, like its okay for me to see them being gay.. like letting them playing with God's law for the sake of their friendship.. sorry i cant.

pada yang laki dok lengang lengok cam pompuan jadi pondan tu pon.. pikir2 la balik.. kena laknat beb.. jgn cabar Tuhan.. bahayee..

P/s - cuwak bodoh, actually da ada 2,3 camni before.. this is the latest.. what happened to our peoples these day huh! nak kena cepat2 kawen kot hehe

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laila said...

kawen la cepat huhuhu

farah najwa said...

sila kawen. =)

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

sape nak kawen ngan saye? hehehe

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