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i just realized that we are currently in october 2010. time flew very fast. like lightning.

and light travel faster then sound. thats why we can see lightning first and then heard the sound seconds later.. duhh

but currently we have bluetooth 3.0 which make the files transfer much faster the before.

my macbook pro currently using 4gig for the RAM.. it can be upgraded until 8gig which is the maximum number of the slot can handle... then it will be like real fast.. like really fast.

and it will be another 2 months to get into year 2011.

5 years since i left my secondary school.

i still miss my school. until now.

im not one of the top student there. i scored my PMR but didn't get good result on SPM and got maqbul for SMRA (sijil menengah rendah agama - a test for all the Al-Azhar subjects). we learn a lot. 21 subjects including SPM subjects and Al-Azhar subjects which includes Feqh, Tafseer, Hadith and all other arabic subjects. each of the class will be about half an hour each. every year the successful student will come from the student that staying at home. i don't know why. maybe their involvement with non academic things were less then us who is staying in the hostels. owh my school is semi-boarding school where some of us can stay outside. and im staying in the hostels mixing with a lot of other people which come mostly outside of the Kedah area.

and that is the academic side of the story. ada je lagi.. but..

the non academic side of story is much more interesting.

nanti lah rajin sket aku cite.. sebak dowh (over sgt~ haha)

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winner said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

thank you dear.. nothing special to be appreciated just ordinary guy writing on his life so he will not deviated from his own way hehe

thank you winner :)

Anonymous said...

terima kasih banyak sudah berbagi,.
moga sukses selalu.
jika ingin tau profil saya silahkan kunjungi..
click this

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

thanks handout.. tapi link nya ke universitas andalas :)

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