Segala puji bagi Allah yang mencipta hati dan perasaan manusia.

I wrote this for you.Yes you are.Kuala Lumpur Sentral--5 years ago,you were a decent stranger on the sidewalks,who struck me with a pretty smile on your face.You are most polite.

I know our history is a full-loaded washing machine that went on spinning and spinning.Kejap-kejap gaduh.Lepas tu berdamai balik,gaduh balik.Allahu Rabb,we have been friends since last five years and still,i cant believe its been five years already.Yang pernah sama-sama struggle for spm back when everyone was still seventeen.Yang pernah sama-sama layan X-fresh fm setiap kali balik sekolah sebab nak dengar lagu Saiful.Yang akan buat wake up call at 4-5 am untuk tujuan-tujuan tertentu (tak perlu dinyatakan disini).Yang bila tiba ramadhan akan call "Nani bangkit soq" (first time kot dengar orang sebut 'bangkit' instead of bangun dan masa tu tobat la tak faham soq tu apa.Tapi jaga ego kann..bertuah la nak tanya 'soq' tu apa).Yang akan remind me untuk baca ma'thurat setiap pagi dan petang.Yang itu yang ini..banyak lah yang.

You stranger,
i know you know i don't easily make friends.I stay in box.I don't talk to people in random,i smile instead.I'm awkward when i first met someone.I do a lot of listening than talking.I hide feelings.I am not a sweet friendly girl on the first day we met.I come easy and handy with time and space.I am not the girl next door you see daily.

You stranger,
i need you to do the first move,the first step or i will just stand still and stare.That's how indeed everything started.You did the first move.You make me
dance.You broke those walls.You make me easy.You,turned me into a sweet friendly girl on the first day we met.When we laugh together wonderful bonds of caring are forged.

You stranger,
i'd say,as i'd say,that in your beautiful round hazel eyes i had been staring into at times,there were hopes.There were affection.There where cherished moments.There were cares and there were dares.And soon before i realized it,i started to tell myself those great sacred secret words.

You stranger,
a stranger like you make me
dance all night.With time distance and space,now that i miss you stranger.I will ALWAYS remember you.Because you changed me and you changed my life too.The moment you passionately told me about your dreams was the moment i dare to have a dream too.The moment you told be how passionate you to become a cardiologist was the moment i burst into tears and i challenged myself to become a successful lawyer.I secretly admire the dreams you have for the future.You are very determined young man,always craze for spirited-debate,as far as im concerned.

You stranger,
i knew i wouldn't forget you and so i went and let you blow my mind.Your sweet moon beam the smell of you in every single dream i dream i knew when we collided you're the one i have decided who's one of my kind.

But stranger,
sometimes i went silent.I knew you knew i'll always do that.And i knew that you'll always hate it whenever i did that.I think ive hurt someone unintentionally.Yes that is you.I'm sorry,stranger.
For disappointing you,for not doing my best,for not being all that i can be.I'm sorry for failing you.But most of all,i'm just sorry i failed myself.Im sorry if i hurt you in anyway.

And for you are no longer a stranger to me,
for no reason,i would like to thank you,who affects me in vary ways.You've taught me to widen the way i perceive something.Though i know there's no price to pay when you give and what you take,that's why it's easy to thank you.Thank you for you are so warm and kind,thank you for giving me a peace of mind.I love the feel of your caring touch,and your tender caress.Thank you so much.If only there are better words to express what i feel now,but thank you so much.

i wonder if this is paying the price.Or it's part of what has been in store.I raise this glass of tears
for not knowing what i'm waiting for.Good things,they never last,well,at least.

a little thank you says so much,and adds that special personal touch.It also lightens up ones day,in countless many little ways.For your very sincere special thought,and the gratitude that you have brought-this little verse is to let you see,i appreciated your thoughtfulness to me.Memories' essences.Lighting me up like what a lighter does to a candle.For that,happy friendship anniversary.And i miss you

And you will forever be in my prayers;
Allahumma inna nas aluka imanan kamila.

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