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it has been few days of my official holidays started and i felt great. free from everything that burdening me but i know this happened just for a few days. i still have one week to fill all my holidays with true happiness before getting back to college. sigh.

last thursday, me and aisya (a 2nd year medical student) went to puchong to fetch 16 packs of 5kg beras for our OPKIM(operasi khidmat masyarakat) in pahang. ive never been to puchong before n thinking of how to get there. as usual looking confidence i am, told aisya that i know the place. haha. i just don want to make she worried as she had try her best to get the rice after i failed to follow up the guy from that beras company. actually i have another back up plan instead of asking friends how to get to puchong. the MAPS!. hehe it is very useful. just a few seconds i managed to find the way to puchong. hah what a relief.

after 1 n half hours searching the place, we managed to get the rice. on the way back i asked aisya weither she had any plan after this because if she did, ill just send her where she want to go and bring back the rice. she said she'll be going to times square fr a movie with chupa. what movie? James Bond : Quantum of Solace. waaaa... i didnt aware that the movie which i really wanted to watch is out today..guess it was my luck, shamelessly i asked her weither i cud join them or not. she said no problem and asked chupa to get another ticket fr me. it was kinda weird me alone, be the only guy going out with the girls, and watching movies together, but i really wanted to watch the movie badly. (macam tak penah buat)

so instead of goin back to college we headed to times square and arrived there about 2.15pm , after solat n stuff, ain gave me the ticket in front of the main entrance. ain n adiba. adiba?? i don know that she also enjoy watching movies in cinema. hehe waahh i was really excited and cudnt wait to watch the movie. as i enterd the hall, the sit was almost occupied, with my phone lighted on, i searchd my seat,walked along the allies, and another joy fr me, our seat is at the center of the hall! yeah mayb im too like cite lebih2 but i really wanted to enjoy this movie and syukur i got the sit. huhu tanks u guys.(though ididnt paid the ticket to aisya yet) hehe

the movies took about 1hour n 45 minutes n as i expected a lot of actions, beautiful scenery and beautiful cars. hehe aston martin dbs was what i adore most. my third dream car after lamborghini and porsche. panas gak rase when they just crashed it out just like that. aha that is the trademark of james bond. nice car, nice chicks ( there is a part in the movie that is not suitable fr children to watch but hv been cutted out) luxurious life, nice tux. but i think james bond had been changed a lot(da 2008 kot).. no complicated devices and he is not acting like undercover at all. like everyone now knows who is james bond. but i dont see any problems on it. okay okay i rated it for 7.5 of 10. hehe

okay the next day, ayah n me had jumaat prayer and went out for lunch at haslam restaurant together. shauqi was still having his final exam, so he cudnt join us which mean he will not b going to melacca too. oh no. how im goin to survive there by myself? saturday nite will b kak ziqah's wedding and all the relatives will b there. i dont really like crowded places, and weding is one of it. pelik kan? but i try my best to suit myself with it.

the journey started at 4pm and as usual, ayah will ask me to drive which most of the time i refuse to but driving 5series while they were sleeping was totally awesome. huhu

hmm though i enjoyed it very much but the car is still not my own car. it ayah's and i will do my best to get my own. they deserve it because they worked hard for it and i will do the same. insyAllah. we managed to reach melacca before maghrib. cud c makngah ngan kakziqah were so busy preparing all the weding stuf. but i didnt feel comfortable cause shauqi wasnt around, and much more sadly my favourite anak sdare, Haziq also cudnt atend the weding. waaa.. miss him so much.

so we spent our first nite at umbai, having ikan bakar with abg pet, kak ziqah, makngah n puan seri (wife of datuk seri rahim tambi) together. on the way to umbai we had this weird conversation.. we were talking about abg jim who will also get married by mid of next year but abg jim is having problem with his fiancee.. camtu2 la.. thennnn...

Mak ngah - ha kamu mil, nanti nak cari screening dulu, jgn maen amek je tau?
Aku - errr...
Ayah - haa puan seri, ni shamil ni nak cari org melake ni..
Ibu - hah? tak payah laa.. jauh sgt.. cari la dekat2 perak ke tak pelaa.a.
Aku - Alaa bukan ape, dekat ngan kubur tok.. ley slalu lawat..
Puan seri - hmmm slalu doctor ni cari doctor juga.. sebab memahami..
Aku - ehh ayah, eyes on malaysia ada kat melake laaaa....
Ayah - eh bile ada kat sini??

yess berjaya tuka topic...hahahahaha but actually i do. i want to get near with tok. as she always near to me, dulu. :(

and we really had a great time at umbai. lepak tepi pantai bawah sinar rembulan .. chewah hehe.

then i received a msg from hafiz, their first nite in maran, pahang shud b good i guess. he told me that he was so boring cause he got the same 'parent angkat' with aizul ( who he dosnt like much). haha pity him but i asked him to get to know aizul better cause this will change his ''cruel' perception on aizul. tapi mcm susah je.. hehe

a lot of people asking me why ididnt turn up to OPKIM n went to the weding? i had my name in the list among the earliest of all, before the organisation is built, but at last i didnt go. okay this is the truth.. actually i felt unqualified to join OPKIM this time. i dont know why, may be its just me. i really2 wanted to join. but i just dont feel like ive been responsible on my job this time n that has made me quit. aisya, hafiz, suzy, temoh, all of the marketing board brought money to OPKIM, but i faild. yeah i did some, give some numbers, n sugestions, but i just didnt feel i did enough n im not deserve to go. sorry fr messes ive made. yes there r other people that also didnt perform their job, n some of them didnt to anything fr this OPKIM. again its just me. i will not take things i dont deserve.

o Allah, forgive me

"tiada iman , kepada siapa yg tiada amanah padanya"


(they brought back some dodol for me, it is really tasty n sweet too, tanks ain)


eira said...

btl la mama u ckp..
shamil kne cr org prk...
dkt sket..hehehe
peace =p

mYshah said...

hurm, bestnya, aku x tgk lagi quantum :( pergh bwk 5 series, jeles tol aku, nanti2 tumpangkan lah aku, huhu, next time aku aku ade aku tumpangkan ko plak, haaha

Anonymous said...

ouh.u forgot to mention bout dodol yg sedap tu.haha.newey bai..good4 u if u'r hepi.ok then!pray 4 our success~

Anonymous said...

hehe,bile bukak balik bace balik cm nmpk last skali too.huhu.same2.

Hariq-Sha said...

i don't know you are blogging.

it was nice anyway. keep blogging :)

and yeah, what porsche ur fav?? ala..lamboghini byk sgt org ske...boring2...heheh..what about a classic mustang ke kan...hahah :)

i link urs to mine..hope u dont mind :)

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