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During a short surfing on the net i had found a very atractive domain provider which gives a free account to build a simple community web. after hanging around on the site, i decided to start my 2nd year medical students community there as it provides many features that is similar to the phpfusion module. there members allowed to upload video, pictures and it gives a simple forum for discussion among members. after launching it last night and simple publicity through YM, it shows a rapid feedbacks from 2nd year students. this is a beta web and i will buy a domain to have a stable domain if i found it is usefull for the members.

to all 2nd years medical student ukm.. feel free to register here

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Mat Iyas said...

interesting :)

aku xle join ke?aku mude lagi per..hahahaha

Anonymous said...


sori nak mencelah kt blog ko,
mmg tak caye tol, blog org lain yg aku cari, blog ko yg aku jmpe.
x tau plak aku ko blogger...caya la..."my words, my thoughts,my life", hehe...tergelak-gelak aku bile baca entri2 ko,hahaha..

mmg aku x caye..cau sin chi

Anonymous said... very 1st comment here
aha.besorok2 da jmpe.hihi

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