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Its friday and i dont have anything to do as my two hours pbl session has been discussed yesterday. i dont have any plans and anything to figure out. thought id better stay in my room and study, but ntah.. seems like i need to take a walk n have some fresh air after quite long time without going anywhere for these several days. last nite hafizudin had asked me either i want to have a movie with him today. yet im in dilemma(as i always do) because suria, my cousin, also asked me to watch a movie together with our matriculation friends at pavillion today. hmmm then i realise that duet ptptn aku tak masuk lagi and that made me decided to go out with hafiz. as i turned out like we planned that evening, suprisingly nobody wants to watch the movie except me n hafiz. damn. haish actually we are planning to watch Sepi. hehe and yet the guys are like teasing us 'wehh jiwang la tgk sepi!!' what da heck is dat?? macam la korang tak jiwang. aku baru je nak blaja hahaha

So what is interesting about sepi? im also not sure. but one thing that im very sure that each of us people had been felt the feeling of loneliness. n the title had really makes me wanted to watch the movie. i donno mayb im quite well about this feeling of loneliness. yes sepi. another reason i want to watch the movie is bcos its directed by khabir bhatia. the one directed citer LOVE and CINTA. ya ya quite jiwang. but as earlier i told u guys dat im just about to learn. some of my friends said that im the one yang TAKDE PERASAAN. i dont have comment on it and how far is the statement relevant to me. hehe khabir bhatia brought a new way on creating movies where he combined the element of arts on the environment itself through different photographic angle from his own perspective in the movie he created. i dunno either its new or not but i guess no other malaysian films had brought their movie like khabir bhatia did. another interesting about this movie is that afdlin shauki yang terkenal dengan kelawakan nya itu berlakon menjadi seorang yang romantis. sempoi kan?

and here is the synopsis, adapted from sepi official site,

Three individuals in the city learn the meaning of love, loss and loneliness in this romantic drama.
Adam(afdlin) a successful young cheff expands his energy in creating confectionary of masterpieces for weddings yet has still to find his own bride. Then there is Sufi (tony eusuf ) who each days run for miles in an attempt to outrun the memories of his dead wife. Finally there is Imaan(baizura kahar), a young playwright who discovers that teather is a stage where her past is finally resolved and her future is reveiled.

All three strangers are inevitably linked to a single dramatic moment that tranforms their lives forever.

Sumber imej -

so after spending sometimes in the cinema i cud say that afdlin is superb in the movie. he is like so natural and very spontaneous. another cast that i should mention here is vanida imran. comel gile takley blah. haha and she is very goood. i like their storyline (as there are three storylines in a movie) and the one yang baizura kahar belakon very unpredictable. yang tony eusoff blakon mmmm i cud say dat their part is just biase. as i expected the movie did gives a unique angle which indirectly increasing ur kejiwangan feeling haha so u guys wanna know what actually happens, go to ur nearest panggung wayang and beli tiket. nak belanje aku sekali lagi pon boleh hehe

roger and out~

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Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

aku dh delete gmbr tu.
eh nk tgk sepi jugak.!! said...

hahahhahaha si katik yg jiwang karat. midget

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