A deep sigh~

hurm.. it has been a year since i wrote the last entry. i dont know why i stop writing and updating my blog. yes i guess i will use the most common reason. hehe BUSY.. a lot of things had happen and i thinks its too many to be recalled and to be told.. there are lots of beutiful things to tell, sad things to share and precious moment to be written.. i ll try to summarized all of it in points form so that i know where i should start after this long 'hibernation' period..

after matriculation
-working with my dad.. where i learn a lot about life
- got excellent result
-entering UKM medical faculty the most happiest moment in life so far hehe
-met ib n iyas
-met new friends ( a lot )
-first semester exam.. not very good.. failed one subject and need to resit it another sem

- end of musculoskeletal module.. which means exam is just near behind
-my beloved pakngah past away.. al-fatihah for him

and now im struggling for my second semester examination which will be on 21st of april ... a lot to read a lot to memorize .. sometimes people ask me is there any life for you as medical student and being a medical practitioner?? deep inside i think .. since life is subjective, for me, this is my life :-)

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