Eh mcm mane ko bleh duduk dalam eh?

Korang ni takde system merit kan?

Ape jawatan yg ko pernah ade dulu?

Ape aktiviti yg ko buat waktu kt UNPAD dulu?

Waktu kt UNPAD dulu ade buat aktiviti ni tak?

Bdak ni dpt jawatan tu mesti sbb die TWP.


Pernah berbual dgn seorang student UKM waktu awal2 masuk dulu.

S :ak waktu preklinikal byk kene resit paper (nada kecewa)

I :Pasal ape? (nada takde perasaan)

S :Ak sibuk ngan aktiviti2 persatuan/kolej..nk kumpul merit supaye dpt duduk dalam (nada bangge)

I : …. (speechless dan cube cari jalan tukar tajuk)

I want you to know and realize that they had struggled and competed among themselves, busy collecting merits just to stay in KTDI. Not just simply saying “I wanna stay in”- like I did.

I am now regretting my years in UNPAD for not actively involved in the society. Not because I don’t have the answers for all of the above questions, but for not gaining as much priceless experiences that I should have.

Those who are still in UNPAD, please do as much as you can. Don’t you ever miss the chance or else you’ll regret-just like me.

Those who are lucky enough to stay here in KTDI, please show to them that you are capable of doing things and actively involved in many activities that is held by the college/faculty. Grab as many opportunity as you can.

If you do not know how to do things, learn. I’ve grown up much from a person who does not know at all in doing things, into a person who can do and contribute for something now. Admire a leader and learn to become like one. I am definitely not a good example, but this proves we all can evolve, if we want. Those who are already master in doing things, just keep up the good work.

To me, the most important thing is that you do things because you are willing to do it, not for the sake of merits or to be acknowledged by others.

But don’t get too busy with the activities until you lost your tract to study medicine. Stay focus in your study. Set up your mind “My aim is to pass every clinical year”. My supervisor was a neuro surgeon, Mr T. He advised the students; “Study to pass the exam, don’t study to treat the patients”. Well it might sounds irrational at first. But what is the point if you study to treat the patients but you cannot pass the exam and cannot become a doctor? Does it make sense now? You can agree or disagree with the advice, for sure.

Those who have troublesome in study, don’t give up. You have been chosen by Allah s.w.t to be here in this profession. Do you believe that? The journey to become a doctor is not easy, along the way we all might have difficulties. But never let that difficulties stop your journey. Take all of the difficulties and transform them into challenges. And take that challenges as motivations to make you a stronger and a better person. Do you believe that positive mind set will deliver positive attitude? So learn, learn and learn. Have faith in Him.


I can guarantee you, if you are asked to perform any physical examinations, you will not be able to do it. In UNPAD, the way we learn to perform physical examination is organ-based. Here in UKM, they learn by system-based. What I really mean is that they have astandardized-organized-step on how to perform a specific physical examination. I suggest you guys to buy a small book at Kak Ros which is called “Aids To Clinical Examination by UNIMAS” that cost you RM1.00. This is a simplified step on how to do physical examination. The details of it you’ll need to read Tally.

You’ll have trouble to use certain terminologies that are not used in UKM. For example, Shuffner, USG, Leopord Manuever, etc…and certain steps in physical examination that is not being practiced in UKM, eg; in UKM, you do not need to put another hand below the abdomen to palpate the liver, and there is no such thing percussion of the heart. Etc etc…


You cannot get away from people talking and labeling you. It might seem like they are discriminating you as TWPs.

You might feel inferior to them. You might feel that you do not deserve to be their friends. I sometimes think they are saying “I’m a 4.00 flat student, and you?” ---

I was once, scolded a UKM student in front of my group members because he discriminating the UKM and the non-UKM students in front of our supervisor. The room went silent for 45 minutes and nobody dares to talk to me. Well, you might come to one point until you cannot handle your anger anymore and accidentally let it burst out loud in the public. (Probably because I’m a hot tempered person) *sigh*

I hope that this does not happen to you.

I sometimes speculated that certain lecturers are under estimating the TWPs. The lecturersmight have doubt about your English/your knowledge/your capabilty just because you studied in Indonesia. I want you to prove that you are not what they think!

Prof Z once said; “when you are in the clinical years, everybody starts at the ‘square one’”. We’ll start all over again no matter how excellent you are previously because you are entering entirely a new different world.

We are all the same! Never let others turn you down!

We are all brilliant students. So let’s do brilliant things.

Good luck to all of us!

TWPs is a minor community that will dominate the world!

Best wishes,

, TWP06

p/s: these are just my personal opinion and experience. Other seniors might have different point of view.

Im very dissapointed after what we have done and try to make the faculty to unite. this is so unprofesional. i still remember how we made preparation on welcoming them, even i was very happy to get a new collegue with experience in other people country, but it returned with disapointment.

Melayu melayu melayu.

Moga kita dapat pengajaran dari segalanya.

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Al-Mizan said...

mne ko amik ni??

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mengeluh baca ni...hurmmm

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

tny le rumate hg..

cuteintan faham kee

Anonymous said...

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i've just follow ur blog...i really hope that u can follow my freshie blog.....

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MANjE said...

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Shamil Alfilfilani said...

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son of lucifer said...

UNPAD means Universitas Padjajaran in Indonesia or else?

Nysa Kamaruzaman said...

assalamualaikum, are you ex-student of maktab mahmud alor setar? im studying there... reading your blog make me so proud of you !

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