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38 marks - colorectal surgeon.. huyoh
37 marks - a lot listed there, quite surprised as i just finished my Anes posting.. emergency med is there, orthopeadic and neurosurgery are also there.. dermatology?? pfft..

cardiology falls to 35?? where the heck cardio thoracic surgeon? daymn..

its just a survey.. what ever.. i think this survey is to put on believe on the medical student, to sparks an idea or a goal to the students so that they will have their pathway or journey ahead after finishing med school..

nobody knows how the futures like, who are we going to be in future, but we can plan and try, and ask from God, so that our futures will be beautiful, and we become who we want to be..

may God accepts our prayers.. ameen

dont be afraid to have a dream/goal.. think big!

Good night.. a start of psychiatric posting :)

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