Do you often get confused in your daily life? when you don’t understand (which is not the same with confuse) what you see and you try to figure it out why? 

My prof said that if you get confused in studies then it means that you are thinkng.. at certain point i agree with him.. but usually student that get so confuse, they just stop to think and go to sleep. heh

I try to figure out why on endo tracheal tube, we have to push the laryngoscope anteriorly without bending the hand(so that we didnt brake the patients teeth) to find the tube that lead to the tracheal.. simple answer right? i dont know. kidding actually i know. and after the arytenoid is found, the endo tracheal tube is directly inserted into the lumen.

i fail the first time i tried (to insert the endotracheal tube). but after i found the arytenoid, i found that it is easier then the first time i tried. the landmark is arytenoid.

I saw a dead body this evening. the body (upper part of the abdomen) has been butchered out by the doctor in Y shape. why Y shape? the Y shape started from two points at the shoulder and intercept at the xiphisternum, it then cutted down towards the umbilicus. Y because it will get easier to closed and sutured the incision back later. the head is also opened. cool rite hehe

then all the internal organ is taken out and measured. being weighed on weighing machine that we usually saw at the morning market, where people rushing to get a fresh meat or chicken for the hari raya rendang. after it has been measured, it is sliced into small portion, just like making the spagetti sauces. in about 1cm each. too small for the sauces i guest.

some of the sample is taken into the lab for investigation. as post motem is an art to get to know the causes of death of human being (partly). and yups the man died of having myocardial infarction where we can see some parts of his (sliced) heart was having this demarcated outline of dead and viable cells.

that is some part of medical student life’s. a very small portion of it. there a lot more stories, experiences, that will keep us to love, and appreciate life’s more.

and to be the one that appreciate the creation of God the most. Subhanallah.

Alhamdulillah it really made me thinking, a lot. a lot.

I saw a dead body this evening. lying naked on the steel bed. without having any blankets. its just a blue plastics covering the genitals part. an Indian. the peripherals were pale. it has been sutured back. the organ is being inserted back into the abdomen.

and being left out on the steel bed. i looked at him(it?). and think.

Allah Ι berfirman:

Dan bagi tiap-tiap umat ada ajal (yang telah ditetapkan); maka apabila datang ajalnya, tidak dapat mereka dikemudiankan walau sesaatpun, dan tidak dapat pula mereka didahulukan. (al-A’raf : 34)

Kamilah yang menentukan (dan menetapkan masa) kematian (tiap-tiap seorang) di antara kamu, dan Kami tidak sekali-kali dapat dikalahkan atau dilemahkan; (Surah al-Waqi’ah : Ayat 60)

it is amazing, as we can still living. walking, moving our limbs, kissing, touching. sensing things around us. and in just a blink, when we dead, we cant move. stop. like a THING. an OBJECT. non living object.

understand what m i trying to say? its hard to explain. it is beyond of our imagination.

people that talk, walk, fuck, yelling at people, cutting papers, suddenly stop. just stop. fucking STOP man.

and these are things that cant be understand by medicine, or sciences (fully).

the things that is called body and soul. where we can only search the answers only through the religion.

where we learn about God.

where we learn that He knows everything.

He created everything.

and He control everything.

life and death.

Subhanallah.. selamat hari raya aidil adha.

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Mr. TN_SkY said...

nice entry kawan..ada mesej yang perlu kita ambil tahu..hehe..kenai dak?? aku asbar la..sje dtg mlwt ang..trjmpa kt blog zahir..lawat la eh blog aku.hehehe =_=

aryna said...

like the languages you are rapping in this blog.. tahniah kerana menghasilkan blog yg bermnfaat.. thanks for the useful insight reviews....

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

thanks.. :)

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