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And the day has come again.. where everyone will b judge based on their knwledge and competency in their certain learning process..

not many of us have a chance to study in this so called learning institution in malaysia.. some will get scholar and study oversea, some have to fly abroad to search fr education.. some have to pay thousands, some dont even have a chance to step into school and have a proper learning process.. like those yg tgl pendalaman who still learn frm their ancestors to survive in this little world.. to survive in their own envormnt and life.. but we the one that is very lucky to get a chance to tap the keyboard bloging, press on screen phone without digits and even watch movies on a big screen.. what a fortunate life.. some might say that this is our own hard work our parents hard work so that we can achieve all these beautiful journey of our life.. but the reality is? it is all from Him the Almighty.

malaysia recently has been noble to b the most preferred study destination.. wow everyone from outside now wanted to have education in malysia.. syabas.. and after about 50 years there are still malaysian that dint knw how to read and calculate.. again those who lived in out-circuit .. but i shall say there were improvement in our education system.. which after years holding the government.. hmm ade la juga kan? hehe

pe gua melalut nih..

so my final exam will b about in two weeks time.. the pressure is not there yet.. and raya is always will be a good friend to it..

ive been asked by these frequent questions before raya like i always had before such as.. baju raya da beli blom? baju raya warne apa? raya mana tahun ni? da shopin baju raya belom? and all i can say is i dont know.. i just dont feel what i felt before.. the eagerness to celebrate raya..

yeah i havnt had my shopin raya yet though the list is quite long.. luckily my mum have prepared my baju melayu.. gile manje kan.. haha so this year i will celebrate my raya in Greenwood Gombak, going back to the concrete village.. while everybody else get to see coconut tree at their hometown, the life of kampung, sawah bendang, pelita, nasi kandar and all.. i can see KLCC during raya and might be spending the last night before raya at Danau Kota..

hmm it has changed a lot, life, family, friends, me myself, and it is expected.. u want it or not.. it will come someday.. where u have to stand alone without anyone helping u with a totally different envirment, but God made human to be flexible and adaptation towards this new enviromnt will push u to go on and continue with life..

so with this several days left before raya i would like to seek forgiveness frm all of u guys if my writing might hurts anyone, if my words did insult any of u, im just saying what i think is right.. n i certainly know that we r all difernce, we might have various opinions.. after all, thats made our life colorful rite? huhu and have a bless Hari Raya aidilfitri.. might this a week or two of ramadhan be filled with good deeds and amalan sunnah..

and please pray fr my best in this exam.. this will be my first exam in clinical years.. i have to do good to gain more confidence in continuing this journey.. i dont have anything to ask frm u guys other than that..

Thank you

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hannaani said...

ade pulak istilah concrete village.keco siket ah.org pun raye kl tiap tahun

Shamil Alfilfilani said...

org kl mmg la tak rase concrete hehe

Syakira edogawa said...

haa di maafkan ;p

非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

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