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Alhamdulillah, i manage to find a host fr my first php open source testand i already uploaded 3 open source script inside it.. but not all can be supported by the host site.. i found a free host which give 200mb database,phpmyadmin and php support when i was surfing the net..ive been searching fr this kind of site quite sumtimes and i found it 4days before my final exam.. a very big distraction fr me..hehe hurmm.. so the three open sources that ive uploaded are..

drupal.. a simple open source and i guess it is more suitable fr beginner, it provide a quite straight forward control panel where u can put all the info u want inside ur web easily.. yet it doesnt provide clear arrangemnt of its block n i dunno how to make additional block,that is why i put drupal the last choice of my community web. drupal can be manage by localhost but the free host doesnt support its .htaccess file and therefor it cant be install on the free host.

php-fusion.. fr me it is the best open source, it shows clear block building, posting news, articles, and upload photo in just a simple admin control panel.but sadly the free host also doesnt support php-fusion i dunno why, ive already uploaded all the file and installed it inside the host but when i opened the site, the page turned to a blank page. haisshhh

joomla!.. it won 2007 best control panel fr open source, alhamdulillah i manage to upload and install it into my host.. n it can be already view here. the web is still underconstruction because it is quite hard to use the panel and its too advance fr me, but ill try to learn the new control panel. it doesnt provide a folder to upload image and u need to create it urself and its quite complicatd fr a self-learner like me..

hmmm.. actually i want to create a community web where all medical student around malaysia can meet and discuss together, there are a lot univ offering medical course nowadays and i hope the site will be one of informative site fr them.. and mayb this will be the platform fr all medical students in malaysia to build relationship together to lead to a better health services in the future. fuh gile lah hahaha PPD k..

im thinking of buying a host that can handle php-fusion, but before that ill try to build it in the localhost first and when the site is ready to be published ill find the host. it is not expensive which will cost around rm50 per year for a domain such as .com, .net .. but finding a secured host is quite hard because there are a lot of host and domain provider out there and i didnt knw weither it is secure or not.

so now im at home, i spent a lot of my time sleeping because i really havent had enough sleep since exam.. the internet connection is also very fast to be compared with my maxis broadband internet best~~~~ huhu

i have to fetch ayah from airport he just came back frm jakarta, befor that i bring shauqi n nanaz fr a muvie at queensbay and we watch congkak. quite horror but i think the horror part is only on its sound system which make us shocked all the time hahaha shauqi said its not a good muvie and only a typical malay muvie.. hmmm but i enjoyed d muvie much.. then we had a walk around the shoping mall.. there are a lot of new shops since the last time we were there, in front of the mall is a beautifull sightseeing beach view and from the main entrance u r able to here the sound of the wave slamming the shore..bluushh blusshhh (takyah wat bunyi kot haha) so peaceful..but penang is increasing its population, and geting congested days by days..

nanas blob blob heheheshauqi blob blob

i can see a new building across the road which is still on construction and i think they want to build a condominium whch will directly connect it to the mall.. huh if i have my own money and firm salary fr sure ill buy one of its site.i was thinking of is there any hotel around the queensbay because the location is very strategic, its also near to the international airport, near beach and very near to the jerejak island(if im not mistaken) and it is so suitable fr tourist to come over and spend their time here. im also thinking about the monorail project under barisan nasional, its a brilliant project where it can b one way of decreasing the uses of car which also will reduce the congestion. the monorail can also be build here too. i can imagine how the monorail passess by the queensbay mall and the new condo, unloading the passangers.. wow.. amazing.. huhu

thats all fr tonite.. need to wake up early.. nanaz ada exam tomorrow and need to teach her to pray.. cant u imagine.. 8years old still cant rmmber proper Al-fatihah but can remmber all the student in AF.. haish budak2 skarang.. hehe

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Mat Iyas said...

hahaha~poyo jer nak wt domain utk medical student...berangan je lebih kan? blog ko pon malas nk update! kat rumah xde keje mmg la pk itu ini..kang dh kt koleh mula la nnt memberi alasan..haha...dgn ke'bz'an ko next yr lagi....huhu

wah3, baik abang long ni bwk adik2 ke queensbay!haha~slamat aku xde abang :P buatpe tgk congkak, tgk ar IronMan...dh kuar!cett! xpe2, support Malaysian Film~

nak beli kondo? kaye nampak!haha~ dok umah kampung sudahh~

isk3, nak kena nanaz ni! tu la, abg shamil kesayangan dy manjakan sgt! wakakaka

Ib said...

iyas! ko la abg sulong.cam ko yg kene bawak adik2 ko kuar kooot.haaa.sib baik ako bukan sulong n abg ako asik bunjer macam2 hehhe

ekelaa abg mil,biar ar nanaz nak hafal nama dak2 AF.=P

*this 'too' is not a spam*

Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

heh dh besar nanaz mu itu.
dh lama xtgk~

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