My new shoes

Authentic Nike Air Classic SB Nike Air Classic SB
Model# 310704-232
Color: Barq Brown/Army olive
100% Authentic Nike

At the first time i went to abg iman skate shop in sg.petani kedah in february 2007 i was amaze with his various collection of rare brandd skate shoes my skate shoe had already worn out.. iwas thinkin to buy a new one.. as i looked around, i was atracted and suddenly falld in love with this green army looking nike skate shoe.. i tried to get closer to make my view clearer.. wow.. so amazing..the colour make my heart melt ...I want to buy it!! but i have a problem.. the problem is the prize of this handsome goodies cost me for rm375.. GOD.. very expensive! where could iget that much of money on that time???
Then my sight turnd blurry huh~ my heart sank..i just walked out of the door with a very sad feelin....its okay may b the shoe is fr someone else that deserve to wear it..

Then on 26th april i got a news that abg imans shop have made a sale and many of the shoes has been decreased its prizes... waaa i felt very excited.. i hope that the shoe i want to buy is waitin fr me as i waited this moment to i asked jad to take me to the shope.. shafiq n nasir were also waitin fr the moment with me..

Slowly i walked inside abg imans shop.. YES !! the shoe is still waitin fr me!! I drew the prize tag.. WAAA its only rm200 now!!

Abg!! bungkus ni satu! eheheheh

End of Story.. i live hapily ever after with the shoes..

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aisyah. said...

i laughed and laughed at ur story!

and, may u live happily ever after with those shoes~~ ;P

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